Along the route of the Great War

Itinerary: Moerna (992 m) – Bocca Cocca (1327 m) – Bocca di Valle (1392 m) – Bocca di Cablone (1755 m) – Malga Tombea (1825 m) – Cima Rest (1200 m)

Duration: 6,15 h Difficulty: EE

Difference in level: uphill (Moerna – Malga Tombea) 833mt, downhill (Malga Tombea – Cima Rest) 625mt

Allowed: trekking only

From the parking of Moerna up along muleteers roads that, through beatiful beech woods, rocks and loops, leads to the pastures of Malga Tombea, where it’s possible to admire military bunkers excavated in the rocks, trences and amazing views of Garda and Idro lakes, as well as Val vestino’s woods. From here, along marked paths, it’s possible to descend through pastures towards the Cima plateau.