From Cadria to Monte Caplone

Itinerary: Cadria (943 m) – Rest (1200 m)- Malga Alvezza (1266 m) – Bivio per Malga Tombea (1796 m) – Monte Caplone (1976 m)

Duration: 6,50 h roundtrip Difference in level: 1033m

Allowed: Bike and Trekking Difficulty: EE

The path starts in Cadria and, passing through a really characteristic beeches wood, you will reach the village Rest, where is located the Etnographic Museum of Valvestino. Going up the street, surrounded by meadows and pastures, it’s possible while admiring barns with thatched roof to reach the Malga Alvezza, and from here to arrive at Malga Tombea. Ascending then the military street of 1915-1918, you will reach the top of Monte Caplone (1976 m a.s.l.), the highest of Valvestino. Here are widespread several rare endemic spieces.