The great natural value of the Valvestino also comes from the rich fauna, thanks to environmental protection made by the Parco Regionale Alto Garda Bresciano which includes the nine municipalities of the homonymous Comunità Montana. The goal of the Comunità is to promote mountain areas and provide support to local people to guard the territory, preserving the landscape, the historical and artistic heritage, but above all protecting the extraordinary nature of the valleys.

In particular, by visiting the Val Vestino is not uncommon to spot roe deer, deer, while in particular areas are present … ..and in some areas, the chamois, the ibex and the mouflon. Well distributed on the territory are the fox, the marten, the badger, the skunk and weasel instead more localized are the marten and above all the ermine. The valley also present a very rich avifauna framework: among nesting birds we indicate a few rare or uncommon birds of prey such as the falco pellegrino, eagle owl, little owl and boreal owl. Even the golden eagle in recent years has stabilized in the Valvestino, as a result of the increase of the population of its prey. Of considerable interest, finally, the presence of the gallo cedrone, the alpine coturnice, the hazel grouse and grouse.