From the bottom of the valley to the top of the mountains of Tombea the nature has been satisfied, adorning the Valvestino of a flora so extraordinary and rare to be unique in the Alpine panorama: in Valvestino the nature offers the largest State Forest of Lombardia and a naturalistic site belonging to the network of sites of community interest Natura 2000. The most representative forests of Valvestino are defenetly the beech woods, which you can also admire the majestic and ancient specimens near Malga, Corva, Denai, Malga Alvezza,Messane and Persone. Around 2,000 meters, the arboreal vegetation gives way to “specialized flora” with pioneers xerophilous shrubs and stretches of prairie which this particular environment has selected. The lawns of the Valvestino, in addition to being food for cattle grazing, offers an extraordinary color show which changes depending on the blooms of different herbaceous species that compose them. Climbing the peaks, you can also admire the plants rupicole symbol of Valvestino: the “sassifraghe”, a name which in latin means “capable of splitting the stones” like the Saxifraga petraea, the Saxifraga arachnoidea and the Saxifraga tombeanensis, discovered by the swiss Boissier in 1850, wreck of the artic-alpine flora.