San Giovanni Battista

The ancient church in Turano Valley is the first one of the entire Valvestino, whose records date back to Medieval times, as in the will of the bishop Nektorio of Verona dated 15th november 928, where it’s cited as «Ecclesia Sanctae Mariae de Turano».

The church is located on a clearing next to the cemetery, once the only one of the valley, to which came the street so called “dei morti” that was the connecting course with the norther part of Valvestino. Inside the church were side chapels, including one dedicated to San Giovanni Battista,where baptisms were celebrated. This features could represent the reason why ,the ancient church that was dedicated to San Maria Assunta, was once rebuilt in the XVI century, dedicated to San Giovanni Battista.

The third sunday of august, is celebrated the “Festa del Perdono”, dated back to 1166, when the Pope Alessandro III passed by Valvestino ‘cause chased by the emperor Federico Barbarossa,because of his support to the party Liberi Comuni;in this church the Pope celebrated the mass allowing “the indulgence of forgiveness”, at the time a rare concession. Since 1984, the mass is celebrated in Turano to make possible that, as much as people possible could obtain the plenary indulgence.