San Vigilio in Droane

The church of San Vigilio in Droano is entitled to the bishop of Trento, he was the first to spread the Christianity in Val Vestino. Togheter with the ancient Pieve of Turano, it result to be one of the first church in the valley, as written on the papal bull of Urbano III in 1186. It stands isolated on a hill that dominates the Val Vestino an it’s composed by a single nave barrel with a gabled roof. The 26th of July is celebrated “San Vigilio” in memory of the plague in 1750, by blessing the ossuary dedicated to the victims, placed under the floor of the church and surmounted by a concrete cross. Afterwards 100 kg of blessed “pane di San Vigilio” are distributed to the participants, which will be eaten during the year against diseases.