Ecomuseum of Val Vestino

The Valvestino Ecomuseum insists on the Upper Garda Bresciano area between the Lombard shore of Lake Garda, the high-altitude Lake of Valvestino and Lake Idro, in the municipalities of Magasa and Valvestino.


The purpose of this institution is to ensure, with the participation of the population, the promotion of a territory that is unique in its morphological, historical and anthropological characteristics, through the protection and enhancement of its peculiar elements, such as:


  • the natural environment
  • the traces of history in the landscape
  • the presence of historical building artifacts
  • the promotion and recovery of local works, productions and traditions, accompanying their development.


The Ecomuseum of Val Vestino is crossed by numerous slopes of high landscape and historical value that connect the lake areas passing on the top of the ridges, crossing the tracks that were the scene of the battles in the Great War, from which you can enjoy breathtaking views.


Various educational projects designed for schools.

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