Crossing of paths

Borgo Persone, in the shadow of the distinctive pyramid-like silhouette of Mount Pralta (1223 m), is the nucleus of the Val Vestino trail network.

Surrounded by lush forestry with magnificent yew trees and centuries-old beech trees casting shade over some quaint pools, surrounded by meadows, pastures and vegetable plots that border the woodland. 


Small plots of land are still partly cultivated today, testament to an agricultural economy which was the main source of income for families. The hamlet is readily distinguished from its surrounding area with its compact shape and no spread-out houses. 


The church dedicated to St. Matthew, rebuilt in February 1729, houses a valuable altarpiece depicting the patron saint with St. Anthony the Abbot and the Assumption of Mary.


Persone is home to the Hotel-Restaurant “Antica Osteria Pace” featuring comfortable, spacious rooms with scenic views whose specialities include homemade casoncelli pasta, game, spiedo and polenta tiragna. This village’s long-standing vocation for welcoming strangers is still visible on a mural inscription seen in the village centre, which reads: “Hotel Speranza rooms, wine, coffee and spirits.”


The Milk Museum, located on the north-west edge of the village is worth a visit. This used to be Persone’s cooperative dairy where milk from nearby pastures was made into butter and cheese.

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