Typical products


Typical and quality products

The dairy products of the Valley can be purchased at:


Formaggio Tombea

Among the dairy products, the most characteristic and sought after is certainly the Tombea cheese.
Of excellent quality, it is the exclusive pride of Val Vestino and is produced using only the milk of cows reared in the mountain pastures and stables of the area surrounding the mountain of the same name.


It is a hard rind cheese that has a limited commercial distribution due to the small number of producers.


Unlike other mountain cheeses, it has a delicate, pleasant, sweet flavor with an aftertaste of vanilla, according to some interpretations derived from the secondary compounds of some orchids, including Nigritella nigra, which allows you to appreciate all the fragrance of milk and mountain flowers. The wheels can age for up to ten years, becoming real gastronomic pearls.


Considered to be one of the best alpine cheeses, it is a Slow Food presidium.

Adopt a Cow


Do you live away from the mountain? Would you like to adopt a cow that lives in the huts of Val Vestino? Eat products that are made with your milk? Taste its butter and cheese?


“Adopt a Cow” is a nice initiative from the Ecomuseum of Valvestino whose purpose is to raise awareness and bring the mountain environment, and in particular our Valley, closer, trying to understand its importance and uniqueness, thus enhancing the peculiarities offered. including the delicious typical products.


You will be able to visit the cow in the malga during the mountain pasture period, from mid-June to mid-September.


By adopting a cow you will receive the adoption kit which includes: beautiful certificate of adoption of “your” favorite cow with photo, iron cowbell and voucher for the collection of dairy products from the hut to take home the flavors and aromas of Val Vestino with you.


More information: Phone: +39.0365.745060 E-Mail: info@visitvalvestino.it

Val Vestino bean


The Bean of the Val Vestino, grown in the ancient gardens that draw the landscape with their terraces, is native to Central America and was introduced in the 17th century in our Valley, where the particular microclimate has allowed us to naturally select a peculiar variety never hybridized with the introduction of other types of beans.


For purchase: Phone: +39.0365.745060+39.0365.745007 E-Mail: info@visitvalvestino.it, info@consorzioforestaleterratraiduelaghi.com

Typical products

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