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One step away from sky … 

You may star-gaze in the Cima Rest quiet!

In the village of Cima Rest, it is possible to peer at the celestial bodies from the Astronomical Observatory, located at an altitude of 1200 metres, in an area still uncontaminated by the intrusiveness of artificial lights.

The particularity of the sky in the valley, free from atmospheric and light pollution, allows observations in ideal situations for experts, but also for those who for the first time have the opportunity to approach the instruments that the Salò Astrophiliac Association makes available to the public.

The Observatory was built with high quality optical instruments housed in a small dome, so as not to disturb the beautiful natural setting of the place, where silence and tranquility blend with the natural aspect. It consists of two structures: the first is dedicated to the public and consists of an observing station equipped with a 37.5 cm Newton telescope open at F.4.5 stationed in a sliding roof shelter. The second is dedicated to the association’s observation and research work. 

The management of the Observatory is entrusted to the Associazione Astrofili di Salò (Salò Astrophiliac Association) thanks to an agreement with the Municipality of Magasa, which has the merit of having made the realisation of this project possible. The Observatory is part of the Valvestino Ecomuseum.

The constellations are groupings of stars that people have given the most imaginative names: names of mythological heroes, monsters and animals, names of objects. The aim of observation is to identify and recognise what can be observed in the sky. 

The activity begins with an introductory theoretical phase that will study the universe, our galaxy, our solar system and, by referring to mythology, will allow us to understand the origin of the names of the various celestial bodies. We will discover what exists beyond planet Earth, in infinite space. You will then observe the sky with your own eyes using the telescope. All this in the splendid setting of Cima Rest and its characteristic barns.

The Astronomical Observatory of Cima Rest is open to the public on Saturday evenings from May to September. Booking required, tel. +39.0365.745060 e-mail:

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