ITINERARY: Molino di Bollone (510 m) – Passo di Vesta (1359m) –  Vesta di Cima (1287m) – Vesta di Mezzo (1061m) – Cuel Sant (838m) – Molino di Bollone (510 m)

Journey time: 6,30 h

Mode: trekking

Difficulty: EE

Cartography: C.M.P.A.G.B. – Carta dei sentieri del Parco Alto Garda Bresciano, modificata

TREKKING: Ring path in Val di Vesta, Wilderness area, it’s one of the wildest pre-alpine valleys of Lombardia. The river Vesta, by gathering the waters of the diffrents side tributaries, slides on a tortuous path creating ravines, waterfalls and “il fiordo” of Valvestino Lake. Along the route you will meet three wonderful columns (“cippi”) dated back to 1753, as well as trenches, artillery pitches and fortifications from the First World War.

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