Cima Rest

The plateau with thatched roofs

The Cima Rest plateau is located in the northern part of Val Vestino, in the municipality of Magasa. It is situated at the foot of the Tombea and Caplone mountains, in a beautiful natural setting at an altitude of 1200 metres.

A place where nature and human beings have coexisted for centuries and have achieved a splendid balance.


The area offers features of cultural and historical interest, the chance to taste typical local products and to practice sport activities such as trekking and mountain biking.


The Cima Rest plateau is of great interest to tourists, being the site of an ancient rural village with its typical thatched-roof barns. 


This type of building is of very ancient origins, perhaps Lombard, and is characterised by a steep wooden roof frame covered with rye or wheat straw gathered in bunches and skilfully tied together. Wheat of the Gentil Rosso variety was specially cultivated up to the 1950s as it had a long, stiff stalk suitable for making roofs able to protect flocks and hay from the elements. These barns are quite unique and are currently the only known example of a straw-roof building still present in Lombardy. The alpine pastures of Cima Rest are dotted with these characteristic buildings. 


In the village of Cima Rest, some of the barns, with their steeply-sloping thatched roofs, have been restored and adapted to accommodate tourists. This is a fascinating opportunity to stay in what is a splendid natural setting! For information, please contact the Borgo di Cima Rest staff in the village café/restaurant (+39.0365.388120 – +39.347.9072076).  


One of the barns has been turned into what is the Valvestino Ethnographic Museum. This is well worth a visit to get to know what the building interiors once looked like.

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